Monday, 11 July 2011

Quiet Monday

Mummy: Tell me Darling, what you did today?

Darling: I don't know what we did, I can't remember.
Monkey did not do anything today, he just lyed on the floor all day and I didn't mind.

Mummy: Anything else?

Darling: Well, I think thats all.
Oh I can think of some things! Mummy took a picture of 'Darling' and Darling did some drawing on her book with her pens.
And Dervish be'd naughty and he drawed all over it.

Mummy: Is there anything else that you did today?

Darling: Well, we found a butterfly and we put it in the fairy house.
And Darling keeped picking it up and it couldn't fly anymore.

(interuption from the side)Dervish: We looked for the Shee Dees

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