Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday afternoon at Granny and Grandads

Today we went to Granny and Grandads.
We helped Grandad to pick strawberries.
There were lots to pick
Still more to pick
We had lunch outside and Aunty Nonka was there too. We had wee pizzas and sausage rolls. Mummy said it was like party food!!
Darling liked the wee pizzas best, Dervish liked the sausage rolls.
After that the children played in the Garden.
Dervish came to take Grandads hand to take him to the 'swingpark'.
Just before we went home, Darling had a practice on her fiddle. She really is getting better you know.
Then it was Dervish turn. This was his very first time using the fiddle with Grandad. He did a very good first job but he found it a little hard to hold the bow properly. He will just have to try again and again and again.
He was in a squibbly position though. Look he is all bendy!
It was time to go home after that. But first everyone always needs a
Kiss and


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